Good luck Nat

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Good luck Nat

Super hero night for Nat’s leaving do
Nat’s leaving lunch

Good luck to our colleague from our sister company, Nat May who leaves us on 19 November.

It’s sad to announce, in 5 days I will be leaving Barlow Andrews, after working for the firm for just over two years.

I’m leaving to go and work for one of the “big 4”, (Deloitte) and I would never have been able to land a job at an organisation like that, without the experience and more importantly the training I have received at Barlow Andrews.

Barlow Andrews has been more than a job to me over this two year period, I have made some LIFELONG friends and contacts.

The people and the culture within this great firm, is really what sets it apart from the rest. Every single person is welcoming, approachable and helpful (unless you’re trying to ring certain departments after 4).

Joking aside, I wish everyone within the organisation success and happiness. I’ll definitely miss them ALL.

Thanks for everything