Thinking small by Jess Tighe

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Thinking small by Jess Tighe

Thinking small by Jess Tighe

Clients of smaller accountancy firms frequently realise they get a better standard of service than they would from a larger supplier. Could this have something to do with support and opportunity that accountants enjoy right from the start of their careers? Jess Tighe of Barlow Andrews looks at the evidence.

When I made the decision to join a smaller accountancy firm as a trainee, there were a number of factors that came into play. I had done my A-Levels and it was kind of expected that I’d head off to uni, but my mother had an accountancy background and I decided I would give the profession a go as an apprentice.

It was good from my point to view to know that I would have more personal training and greater access to one-to-one support. In an environment where the Managers and Partners get to know you better, you’re able to learn much more quickly and gain real confidence.

I started out in book-keeping and then made a move into Audit and Accounts. But the truth is that in a smaller firm, everyone works hand-in-hand with one another. There’s constant work passing between the various departments, so when I came to get involved in Audit and Accounts, I already had a good sense of the people there and the work they do.

Because it’s a smaller business, you see more client issues and complications at an earlier stage. You also feel you have the support you need to progress through your ACA exams and get formal qualifications. The firm is concerned about both your progress and wellbeing.

All in all, it makes for a happier, more constructive environment in which people learn fast and progress quicker. And that, in turn, makes a huge difference for clients, in terms of the motivation and commitment that you enjoy from your accountancy firm.

Article written by Jess Tighe, Barlow Andrews